Terms of Service

This service provided as is - without any guarantees.

Administration may delete links, terminate users' accounts, forbid URLs to certain domains, ban visitors' IP addresses without prior notice.

Administartion may limit amount of daily redirects to stop activity of spammers. If link will limit daily redirects quote there will be page with "limit exceeded" warning. Links added by registered users not limited.

If your access to site was terminated due to inactivity - you may try to ask administration to restore it (use "contact" form).

Ads Publishing Rules

  1. Ads publishing available only for trusted users.
  2. Ads presented in as banners, texts in top frame.
  3. Spam in any form prohibited: visitors may report any link as spam at any time.
  4. Adult ads disallowed.
  5. Pop-ups code disallowed.
  6. Ads width - 740 pixels maximum. If your advertisement is too big - parts of it may not be visible on screens with lower resolution.
  7. You can use this site to automate monetization of your outgoing traffic - see API section.

Redirect Modes

Redirect modes depend on site's advertising policy which may be changed by site's administrators any time.

  • instant redirect allow to transfer visitor to target URL without any ads shown;
  • cloaked mode show target URL inside "invisible" frame and allows to "hide" target URL (which is actually visible in frame's HTML source code);
  • middle page (delayed) mode bring visitor to page on this site with 5-30 seconds countdown after which visitor will beredirected to target page/URL;
  • framed mode show target URL inside frame with advertisement on top (and bottom - optional).

If link contains advertisement code it will be used with framed or muddle-page redirect modes.

Administrators may force advertisement (frame or middle page) for all links (even with cloaked/instant redirects) after certain amount of hits/redirects.


To offer your link to rating you have to add description and title. If you are regitered user - you can modify existing links (add or change title and description) to offer them to rating. Links being placed into rating after certain amount of hits made by Internet users (number may vary).

If link appeared in rating and you delete it's title or description - link will disappear (from rating only) but will be functional.

Note: if you removed link's title and site function in frame redirect mode - title content will be grabbed from target site automatically (this option may be changed by admin).

Some links may be removed from rating by admin in case of inappropriate content - but they will work anyway (unless admin decide to delete/block them permanently).

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